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Sound scheduling contributes to healthier finances, happier patients and a more sustainable practice. Make the most of your time and resources with advanced rules-based scheduling that is connected to all you practice platforms.


Eliminate time spent calling payers, fighting claim denials and chasing bad debt with our Automated Eligibility Verification. Your staff can verify patients’ coverage in real time, before appointments occur and also run verifications on your terms, confirming individual patients or patient batches based on scheduled appointments.


HBC Inc. staff has been trained and is ready for the ICD-10 transition. Multiple layers of automation and validation ensure a smooth transition, and if select payers aren’t ready, HBC Inc. will continue to bill them in ICD-9 until they catch up.


Catch claim errors before they reach payers. Integrated Claim Scrubbing enables staff to solve issues before submitting them to the clearinghouse.


HBC Inc. optimizes billing and collections by consistently monitoring the Revenue Cycle Management. Daily submissions and money postings is crucial to a consistent flow of revenue.

Follow up

Identifying existing balances by insurance plan ensures problem accounts are resolved ahead of the filing limit. Reimbursement specialists resolve outstanding claims and develop patient payment plans daily to ensure providers are paid for all the services they provide.


Over 200 standard reports that interpret data so you can gauge your practice’s efficiency and identify where there’s room for improvement.

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